Six Important Reasons You Should Have Us Clean Your Home

1. We’ll save you time.

By inviting us to maintain your house cleaning chores, you’ll have an additional 4 to 6
hours every week to do those things you would rather doing instead of cleaning your
house. That equates to 200 to 300 hours of extra time per year.

2. We do things your way.

No two houses are exactly the same even if they are identical in size and layout. We
first visit the home to determine your specific needs. If you have (or had) a cleaning
service, we like to learn what you liked or disliked about your previous cleaners.
Together we’ll determine how best to meet your needs and expectations.

3. We bring our own equipment and cleaning supplies.

You actually get to stop buying all that “stuff” that takes up space under your sink.
Unless of course you’d rather we use your equipment and supplies. If that’s the
case than that’s OK with us. All we ask it that you supply one roll of paper towels
at each visit.

4. We are consistently thorough every time we clean.

We clean in teams simply because it’s more effficient. Because we do work in teams,
it’s much easier to move a sofa or flip a mattress when necessary. We check and
double check each others work to be sure every thing has been done.

5. Our no excuse policy.

We guarantee 100% complete satisfaction – NO EXCUSE – if you are not completely
satisfied just give us a call within 24 hours and we’ll reclean free of charge.

6. We encourage communication.

It is very important that we communicate with our clients! Whether it’s by
phone, e-mail or a letter left on the kitchen counter. If you feel something in
your home needs special attention on future visits, please let me know.